Jon Voigt

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CV – BLANK Co-founder​ ​

​Art: Introduced into art and graffiti in 2007 by Josh Cleary, to this day Jon’s artwork takes roots in Graffiti, drawings, paintings on canvases and digital work whilst working with aerosol, acrylic paint and markers. Jon, who is a co-founder of the ‘Artist Focused Skateboard And Clothing Company BLANK, is currently completing a diploma in Graphic Design.

Graffiti: Sirius took over the first graffiti word Jon used in 2010. Throughout times in history Sirius, ‘the brightest star in the night sky’ has been a symbol of good luck and also a good navigation tool throughout the world. Seen from almost every inhabited region of the Earth’s surface, not only throughout graffiti and art, on good luck, Jon strives to navigate to end up seeing if that is true for himself. He keep’s that in-mind to use as a fair enough reason to travel with his craft.
Jon first started using Sirius through sketching, which he still does a lot of to perfect style and flow. Like one of his favourite artists and writers, he continuously strives towards innovation and perfection. Dedication and hard work also characterize Jon as a person.​